A Montana Resident, I plod up and down the same trail the last thirty years, keeping my eyes open and my heart right. I have the most beautiful life. The previous three years have not been a comfortable journey. No looking back for me! Set my direction and keep moving forward pressing on to the end of it all. I am a life long musician and artist. My favorite thing to do is to see people smile or make them smile. I am a bit of a goofball. I hope that if you follow my site, you will be blessed and filled with Joy and Beauty. Maybe you could find the humor in life along with me. Grew up with a mother who loved to shock and awe her family with the most outrageous outbursts especially at the table. She could scatter her children in every direction choking on food and blowing out liquids. Some rolling on the floor in hilarious convulsions. So what can I say? I hope I am a chip off the old Block. Blessings!